Dina Arroyo

Dear Larry,

You have given me the best Christmas gift!!! I have so much to thank you for! This has been such a headache, but you have helped our family move on and up to a much better place. You don't know how much of a burden you have relieved us of!!!!

I will state 3 major ways you have helped me and this is how I know you will help anyone else:

1. Extremely Diligent - No task is too big or too small. All the work you have put in you place the same amount of importance too. If it's something small you still take care of it in the best possible way you can because at the end of the day, those small things can turn into big problems! No task is too big. When I thought ALL HOPE WAS LOST, you were there guiding us every step of the way. That huge problem with the roof was a MAJOR headache, which YOU took care of all on your own.

2. Honest - I truly appreciate that I could trust you with anything. With being so far away I didn't know what was happening and you could have just done anything or taken advantage but I knew and could really sense what a true and honest person you are. Your patience is also key here, never lost your temper and always sympathetic

3. Problem Solver - This whole ordeal was one problem to be solved after the next. My goodness did we ever have any bliss? hahah. But the you always found the best solutions to the hardest problems. Thank you larry.

At the end of the day, I really just want to thank you for giving us your attention. I know you are used to selling Million Dollar homes and this is like a little one to add to your collection. But that's when you know there is a good person, you treated it the same way and I really appreciate that because to us, it is a very big deal. I have lawyers or other professionals that I deal with who don't treat me the same as their big clients, so i truly appreciate the care you put into this house.

I'm happy I got to meet you in person! I hope everything turns out well for your Larry and I do hope I see you again one day! Keep in touch on Facebook please!

Thanks Larry!


Maggie Spaziano

 Larry is a very competent agent, he is extremely punctual and knowledgable.