Larry listens for a living.  His goal is to first, understand and that requires focused listening. Larry Lawfer has made a lifetime of building powerful relationships with his clients and in his community.  His reputation is based on his results and not promises. 

Larry will provide you with accurate and actionable intelligence to help you secure your goals and objectives.  “It’s all about you” is his promise.  Since 2001, Larry has built a world-wide reputation for his ”Storyteller Marketing” approach to business; he changes the game for his clients

·      Intelligence not information: The Internet is filled with information, most of it is inaccurate and difficult to decipher.  Larry is a student of the industry and brings to you the intelligence you need to comprehend the constantly changing real estate landscape.  Anyone can provide you statistics, Larry provides in insight into what statistics will mean for you

·      Story not Statistics; Most real estate is built on statistics like square footage, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms and price. That is not how people purchase homes.  While these statistics will start a search, the real search begins when lifestyle, neighborhood activity, and community involvement are revealed.  A 5 bedroom 3-bathroom home of 3,500 square feet is changed from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Larry knows the difference and can tell you those stories.

·      Results not Promises; Real Estate is the only business there is where there is a legal term for not telling the absolute truth. Puffery is the legal right for an agent to overstate statistics, condition and amenities.  You will never hear that from Larry.  He brings his clients results based on intelligence and the true story. Results, not promises

·      Care and Concern, not commercialism and commission; Larry’s commitment to his clients is not finished when a deal is done.  Getting you exactly what you want at a price you will love is the beginning of the relationship. This focus will continue through every phase of your relationship through the years.  Larry Lawfer is your resource delivering intelligence, results and the stories that will change your real estate life for the better.  Give him a call; he is never too busy to answer your questions.  Larry promises, “I will never forget your goals. You need your real estate transaction to go easily and for me to get the results you desire. That is my promise.”